About the Venue

About the venue

The Congress’ venue (Escuela Nacional de Pesca) is located at Av. de los Trabajadores 650. It’s fairly close to the Centro Comercial del Puerto (5 min walking), where you can find multiple restaurants, specialized (not exclusively, though) in seafood. There is also a sandwiches’ shop nearby (10 min walking). There are other shops and restaurants over 12 de Octubre St. You can also find grocery stores (10-15 min walking) VEA/Dia.

If you’re driving to the congress, you can park either at the Escuela (you can access through the “Via de la lágrima” St) or at the Centro Comercial.

Check out our custom map for details. In it, you will find locations to the Escuela de pesca, the venue hotels (and others), a few places around where you may find food for lunch, plus a couple of banks nearby in case you need an ATM. You will also find locations to the Airport, the central Bus Station, the Centro Naval (where the farewell party will be held on Thursday) and the BrewHouse Puerto (end-of-day tour arranged for Tuesday).


You will need to pay the bus ticket using the SUBE card (you can purchase it and add credits in these charging points)

To move around Mar del Plata using the different buses’ lines you can use MyBus either on their Website or getting the app (Android). Select your departure and arrival points, and it will tell you which lines you can use. Some of the lines passing nearby the Escuela de Pesca are:

562, 563, 593a, 593b, 221, 511a, 511b, 511ch, 511f, 511p, 551, 552, 552a, 553, 554, 581, 571a and 571b

Most of the buses arrive to a bus stop in Magallanes and Avenida de los Trabajadores, and depart from a bus stop at Avenida de los Pescadores and Vía de la Lágrima.

Additionally, you can track the buses in real time using the app ¿Cuándo Llega? - MGP for Android and iOS.

Parking in downtown?

Make sure you pay the fee if you are in the metered parking area (delimited by Buenos Aires St., España St., 25 de mayo St. and Avenida Colón). The hours are 8 am-8 pm on Monday to Saturday. You can find further information (including details on how to pay) here, or call +54 0223 432-0000, or email estacionamientomedido@mardelplata.gob.ar.

EMTUR (Ente municipal de turismo, City hall’s tourism office)

Main office: Belgrano 2740 (Tel. +54 0223 494 4140)

EMTUR’s Information centers:

- Local 51st, Bv Marítimo P. Peralta Ramos 2270
- Los Gallegos Shopping center, Rivadavia 3050
- Bus/train station “María Eva Duarte de Perón”, San Juan 1521
- Cultural Center “Estación Terminal Sur”, Sarmiento 2685
- Sierra de los Padres, Padre Luis Varetto, 100 meters from Provincial Route N°226
- Tourist’s phone line: +54 0223 495 1777

Currency exchange

Jonestur: San Martín 2574. Tel. +54 0223 494-7020
La Moneta. Rivadavia 2615. Tel. +54 0223 494-0535
Transcambio. San Luis 1848. Tel. +54 0223 491-9107

Other digital Maps

Here you can search for interesting and useful points in Mar del Plata in the official map. Another option can be found here. And of course, you can always resource back to the good ol’ Google Maps.